Топик "Ryazan State Radio Engineering University"
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Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (RGRTU) - and the only Russian Radio Technical University, which is located in the city of Ryazan. One of the leading Russian training centers for electronic and defense industries.

State Radio Engineering Institute organized the Council of Ministers of the USSR from December 28, 1951.

In 1958, the university appeared RGRTU movie studio, in 1979, she was awarded the title of People.

In 2011, the university joined Ryazan Machine College talks to join two other colleges.

Every year, May 7, at Radio Day at the main university building on Gagarin Street meet together graduates from all years of release. On this day, the square in front of the main building is RGRTU traditional "procession" of students and alumni at the monument of Alexander Popov.

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